Rachel: Jackie we know you're reading this! Lol.
Blaze is trying to break out of this one room and come blog with us, freaking weirdo. He tried stretching like while he was on top of Audrey, it was really scary, I hope she doesn't sue us because we have no money and Blaze is just a rude dog.

Audrey: It's okay though, because I'm just going to sue her and that will make up for the 500 MAC blushes that I have to buy for her.

7/-* ,LYT53O < That was Blaze. He was licking the keyboard. I understand that he has a way with words that most people cannot comprehend, but he's like an effin dog genius. :]

Rachel: Anyway, we took some super tight pictures and some really scary looking ones too. We put on makeup at midnight. Yay! This is like the coolest blog I've ever written.

Audrey: Rachel enjoys spending quality time with me at her house, even though half the time she was on the phone and the other half of the time we were just whispering to each other asking what we should be doing. It's weird, but fun...I guess. Oh yeah, there's this one boy that Rachel talks to. He said that we were a apart of his dyke colony, but like..how can you be the leader of a colony if you aren't even dykin'?! Rachel bought us pizza. Except she was so broke that the pizza lady had to give us a break and not make us pay the whole amount! I really thought Rachel was a better hooker than that, but what the hell...I guess she lost her touch. Oh yeah! And her dad hates her...for various reasons. We learned that today, but this creeper.

Rachel: He talked funny, like his teeth never moved. He was like very hilarious and weird. Audrey and I are imitating him right now, you should see it, it's kinda sexy. ;]

Audrey: I wish Rach would quit bein a slut and just imitate the coke head on video. Everything would all be great and gravy, then. Now, we are being EXTRA bored, except I've never laughed this much. I love her...almost.


Anonymous said...

how the H-E-double hockey sticks did you know I was reading it?!

& i wish i had a friend as good as this.
you're so lucky.
i'm so jealous.
: ]