I just caught wind of this supposed incident with Jay-Z.
In a recent interview, jay said "Chris is a walking dead man." and that he's very overprotective of Rihanna. Chris "messed with the wrong crew" and that Chris should be watching out for more than than the LAPD.

Well, last time I knew, Jay-Z actually SLAPPED a chick from trying to take a picture of him. So, I guess even the "best" do wrong. I just don't understand how he can be so pissed off about something that he can relate to! How can you slap a female who didn't even lay a hand on you, but threaten someone else when you, let alone anybody for that maatter, doesn't even know the real story.

Anyway, I'm not really a fan of Jay-Z. But here goes...


Shantae said...

Jay's a punk bitch. He needs to worry less about Rihanna and teach his dumb ass wife some proper english. Maybe then she'll stop thinking "conversate" is a word.

♥ Judy M. ; said...

smh @ this picture.

but i completely agree.
its the media though, so of course it wont happen. idk. i havent really said anything about it bc i wanna hear both their statements first.