First of all, I want to mention the Chris Brown statement thing. I'm not going to say much, just want to mention the fat that he made a statement, and made it like a grown ass man. I'm not going into it because I've already seen 03820-2=2 posts about it, and yeah....go figure.

Anyways, I was talking with a friend of mine about this topic, but... Why do people look away or look down when you are walking towards each other? I never really understood why, but I know nearly everyone does it. Anyways, throw your opinion out there about it. I wish people could just give a friendly smile or some shit instead of making a big deal about it.

On another note, how do you let someone down "easy", especially if it's a....nerd. Wait, I really need some of the right words to describe my situation without sounding like a complete bitch....This guy likes me, I don't really like him. His looks, personality, ect are not appealing to me....What do I do? He keeps trying to make "advancements" and I don't like it. He's almost one of those scary stalker guys, and it just bugs me. Today he gave me a Valentine's day gift....Whatever though.

MIA had her baby, BTW.


And I swear to God....
If I hear that dumbass Jay-Z say some more shit about Chris Brown and siding with Rihanna, I will FLIP THE FUCK OUT. I'm not mad that he's siding with her, I'm mad that he actually has the audacity to act like it's his business, mad that he acts like he never laid his hands on a lady, and mad that he keeps saying ignorant shit.