"I know what you mean. I hope any fan of CB sees that and completely denounces their admiration for what he does as a musician."

I don't know who the person is who left this comment, but I do know that I just saw it on someone elses Myspace page. Not that it's my business how she feels or whatever, but I do feel that the above statement is wrong.

Why would a fan denounce their admiration for him as a musician just because of something he did during his personal life matters? It's not any of our business, yet I find myself blogging about it because I feel lilke people are taking too much of this shit to the head.

His personal life and music, are very seperate. Tell me, do you listen to your favorite artist because of who they date, what their mother looks like, or how many siblings they have? Uhm, I'm assuming not. So why would you STOP being a fan of his music because of some mistake he made, as a human being, within his relationship. His PERSONAL relationship. Now, I do understand that he is a celebrity and the media is going to promote the shit out of whatever goes wrong, but you have got to understand that his music and relationship are two different things.

I won't say much more about it because I feel like people should already know how I feel. I don't feel negative towards Chris Brown because he isn't my father, brother, or friend for that matter. i am not going to put any of this against him as a music artist, and that's just how I feel. I'm sorry that some people can't learn to accept what has happened is a mistake. Everyone makes them.

With that being said, i still support Chris Brown in everything he does. I've signed TWO petitions that were trying to keep his music on the radio stations stream. I am happy to say that I still hear his music on my local radio statio, I still play his music on my iPOD, stereo, and computer. None of that will ever change. End of story.


Shantae said...

People are sheep. Stupid sheep, at that. They always allow their irrelevent personal opinions get in the way. I personally don't think his music should be affected by his personal life either but in today's society, people don't know how to seperate the two.