So, I haven't been posting much. I think it might be beccause of all the stuff going on with me personally or maybe it's the fact that I am locked out of my laptop unnotably. Whatever, though.

I did want to take this post out as a thank you post. A lot of people stopped though this blog and my Myspace blog and dropped their sincere words towards how I was feeling.

For some reason, Shantae's words really pepped me up. Maybe it might be because I secretly wanted to be her long ago, or maybe it's just because she makes so much sense with what she says. Or maybe it's not even that, maybe it's just the fact that we are barely friends and she says things that re true, and not just things that will boost me up. With that being said, thanks Shantae. After all the stuff that's happened between you and I, I wouldn't expect much from you, but some of the things you say really make me feel better. I just wanted you to know....So, thank you.