I really have no need for this post. I just try to keep posting, so that I won't fall out of sync with it.

I haven't really been on the net like that because my laptop needs to go back. It sucks, dick.

I have been working a lot.

I've been stressed a lot.

Not knowing whether or not you will still have a roof over your head the next day worries the shit out of you. It also causes lack of sleep.

I have been kind of obsessing over Rachel and my kid brother's thing they got goin. I went to his blog today and saw that she commented his, but hasn't been commenting mine..and it kind of made me angry. It's not that I don't want them to talk, it's more like...I wish she wouldn't diss me for him. It's whatever, I guess.

Shantae put me onto this new blogging advertisement type thing called 20somgethingbloggers. My profile has yet to be approved, but it looks like fun, and I gets your blog out there...so those are all positives.

I can't want until I get this independent studies shit done. It's working my nerves.


Chicky Love! said...

hey hunnie, i know your going through a lot of things, but i hope things get better for you, i'm here if you need some one to talk too. <3 keep your faith.

secret love notes said...

I didn't diss you?
I just didn't really have much to say about your recent blogs. I read them, just didn't feel like I had a worthwhile comment to leave.

Anonymous said...

chinky-lala is so helpful.
: )

& ily.