SO, I've been having a rough time lately.
My grandma is in the hospital. It's day 3 now.
It's kind of scary because she had COPD. I dunno if the people reading this blogs knows what they is, but it's a condition that you can get over time. Mucus and other nasty shit fill your lungs and stuff like that, making it hard to breathe and whatever else.

My mom is very close to my grandma. I mean...the lady lives right next door! So, it's just been stressful. My laptop mic doesn't work, and it's irritating because I keep paying payments for some shit that keeps fucking up. It almost makes me want to just give it back to the rent-to-own place. I went there today, dropped $400 on it, and I still just feel so depressed about the whole situation.

Anyways, the point of this blog is to mention someone who made my day go completely UP!
Jessica. You are so amazing, love.

You guys, I was having a stressful day today. I went to see my grandma and stuff like that for the FIRST time since she's been admitted, I was late for my Independent Studies class, and my Mom was aggravating me. I get a very random text from Jessica. She told me to check my mailbox. I had no idea what she was talking about, but I assumed since she knows that we BOTH love getting mail, she put something in there. She called and kind of spoiled the suprise, but it's all good! LOL. She got me some balloons, a small box of chocolates, a valentines day card, AND the best thing was a hand-written note that said some very nice things. I guess she understands that I've been going through a lot lately, and I am kinda sad that I haven't seen her. I can't even remember the last time we hung out...I think it was my birthday...Damn.

I took a picture of the stuff, but I really can't post the picture since I have to take my laptop back...I have to take all my shit offa it....FUCK!


Chicky Love! said...

aww ma i hope she gets better soon, and that's cute what your friend got you, =] and about the blog before this one, i'm on dial up so i'm post my comment for that here too lol. anyways people are fucking tripping they need to just fall back and do them for real, and about trey songz, i'd hump the shit outta him lol.

Anonymous said...

I hope she gets better my love.

I'll keep you & your family in my prayers for sure.