Let me first say that I do not condone abusive relationship, nor do I condone abuse AT ALL, but I do have some things to say about the whole situation with Chris and Rihanna.

First of all, I know details are still being put out and whatnot, but people should already know the basics about what happened...

Today, a lot of people were hitting me up asking about the whole situation. They were asking me how I felt about it, what do I think should happen, ect, ect. Really, it's not my business. I don't know Chris Brown or Rihanna on a personal level. Many people are saying that they are going to change how they think of him because of this. Now, I can see why that would change your mind. I know I wouldn't want my boyfriend, or my friends' boyfriend hitting her, and I would be all for the change of thoughts against that person, if that was the case. Since I don't know Chris on a personal level, so MY opinion of him....hasn't changed. I'm still going to think he's my favorite. I'm still going to buy every cd he comes out with, and download all the in-between tracks. I'm still going to have posters of him on my wall, and I'm still going to support him, FULLY.

I do however think that it is not okay to hit a woman. I'm glad that he turned himself in, I'm glad that he actually took responsibility for what he'd done. He lost some endorsements of his and couldn't perform at the grammys which both are going to put a slack on his career.

I do think that people should fall back from the situation. I think that people get too much fun out of other peoples' business. Why do you honestly care? This story has been buzzing the net since it got out. Now tell me why there's not a story buzzing around about how Beyonce didn't really write "If I Were A Boy", and how Lil Wayne has threatened his crowds more than THREE times, or how Brandy was in a year-long trial for motor vehicular homicide, but DIDNT get charged. Why are all these other people doing things, but yet everyone is so focused on one person? Isn't it just because he has a clean image as an R&B singer? Why do people get so intrigued over drama? Why can't people be more happy to talk/gossip about the good things that actually happen?

This is just my take on things. If you don't agree, then don't read my shit.
Plain and simple.

I think this video is pretty much what I'm trying to say.


Chicky Love! said...

word i still like him too, and i heard she gave him herpes and she abuses him too. i mean no matter what the sex of a person is they have no right to put they hands on their partner.

Shantae said...

In my opinion, none of us may ever know the entire story. People need to stop forming conclusive opinions based entirely on rumors and accusations. It's stupid and petty.

In any event, they're both wrong for allowing their relationship to resort to that type of combative nature.

Btw, something about her story doesn't add up. I think she's leaving some shit out. Not that I'm siding with anyone because I'm completely unbiased. I think they're both guilty but one is seemingly more guilty than the other. My money is on her.