Now, I had no intentions on posting tonight, until I looked out my window.

Okay, Okay. Lemme stop trying to make an epic out of the whole blog, the epic time will come in due time.

Anyways, I was sitting here doing a whole lot of nothing, when I heard something that sounded like arguing out of my window. Now, usually I really wouldn't give a fuck, but this arguing had been going on way longer than the usual arguing around here. I opened my window, and I heard a familiar voice. It was my friend, Brittany. Anyways, I went out there and she was breaking out windows of a trailer because there was a fire. She knew the people that lived in the trailer, and mind you 2 young kids reside in that trailer, a mother, father, a 16 year old boy, and a 20-something mother. My homegirl was crying, breaking out windows trying to wake anybody up in the house. She had no luck, then my homeboy decided to go in. As flames were rolling out, this was almost amazing to me. He broke into the house, but could not get past the kitchen. He had no choice, but to turn around and back out. All in all, this leads to the topic of post at hand...

What would you really do for people you love and/or care about? I think that people use words to often these days and lose sight of what the actuality of their words may be. I know that everyone claims the whole ride or die thing, and all that other stuff, but would you honestly? to be completely honest, if it were just my neighbor, no matter how close they were to me, I probably wouldn't try to enter a burning home. I know that may seem harsh or self-centered or whatever the case may be, but it's the truth. If it was my mother, brother, or grandmother...that would be a different story. I would literally give my last break for any of them. They are my lifelines and I know that they would do the same. Family, friends, and whomever is in your life, please let them know that you care for them. Please do whatever you can to make your relationship with them as positive and long-lasting as possible. You never know when your time may come. I've lost three close people to me this year, and it hurts. None of them were my immediate family, but they were close enough to feel like I've lost a part of me. Please, just use your words wisely. I know I'm not going to tell someone that I would give my kidney to them if I didn't really mean it. Think about it...

Now, as for the burning trailer, I don't know if there were people in it. I'm praying to God that there was not anybody in there, but if there was it's a sad loss.


secret love notes said...

I'm glad you're posting more again :D
And omgsh, that's really scary about your neighbors, but I hope the people are okay, and the fact that your friends were trying to get in there to help someone really gives me hope. :]