SO, tonight I couldn't sleep. Like most nights. I tend to not sleep during the wee hours of night. So, what did I do? I read and read and read. I read tons of blogs! I swear I read about 30 different blogs. It's intense how one blog can lead you to 5 others who can lead you to 5 more than that. So, I fell upon tons of blogs that were quite amazing reads. On the internet you can come across TONS of interesting individuals.

I think that the internet is a good place to meet and establish connects. I also think the internet is an outlook to place your creative juice on whatever it is that you do. The internet can either make or break you, when it comes to an type of industry out there. Networking is one of the best possible things you can do on the internet. I think that building bridges and meeting new people are one of life's greatest amendments.

Anyways, I hope the blogs that I followed tonight will keep me interested, and I hope the bloggers aren't creeped the fuck out by some random person following their blog. =/

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Maddie Madd said...

That's the whole point though of blogging..shoot I wish some random ass folks would follow mine..lol

Melanie! said...

thanks for following my blog! i hope to keep u interested! i like your blog too! :)

.domo. said...

thats true =] i have to say i lke yours =]

Anonymous said...

maddie & melanie lol me too!
but thanks, i appreciate i! i follow you , you follow and comment! ANYONE! sn, but yea, thanks sweetie. ohh btw, im following both your blogs so..yea


Ginger said...

lol, i did the exact same thing tonight. i'm horrible at remembering to comment but reading is YUM sauce for the brain. love you audrella. :P


I'll be back to read this!!!

secret love notes said...

Haha, that sounds fun. (:
I def wanna try. Blogs are so fun. haha.

And of course I am agreeing about the hang time.
Just pick a dayy :D