So, within the past month I went from liking her to liking him. HIM is so much better than her, even though circumstances with her make me more happy. She's here, and he's not. He's got his head on straight, she doesn't. There's tons of pros and cons. I think I was just confused with her. She got my hopes up for something that she wasn't even sure about.

The worst thing you can do to somebody is to lead their feelings on, when you absolutely know that you aren't ready for what you are setting up, in a sense. I believe that usually people know what thye are doing when it comes to things like that. How can you even begin to feel content with a relationship if you aren't even content with your life? I'm sorry, but that's the WORST thing you can do. Especially when you have a friendship before making it into something romantic.

Anyways. Cakin with this dude for the past few days has made me both nervous, and excited. The anxiety of what else there is to come, makes me smile dumb hard, but then again I'm scared of what could happen. Dude is mad cool. I enjoy talking to him. Honestly, even though I aint known him that well, I could see myself in a serious relationship with him. Plus who would wanna pass up a dude who graduated high school at the age of 16, and is about to graduate COLLEGE at the age of 19?! I sure wouldn't. Anyways, he's got a lot goin for him, and I like that.

All I know is that I need to just go with the flow. Even though I have feelings for Teresa like no other, she's just not on the right/same level that I am, in a relationship sense. She wants to do....OTHER things with her life, and I'm tryna make moves. Bear on the other hand, is totally in my league. He's a music producer, amazing drawer, and is actually doing things with life. He goes to college, has a job, and isn't on dumb games. Which would you choose? Yeah...me too. Anyways, I think I just need to ride it out. I like Bear....He makes me forget about her hurting me.

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gor(jess). said...

awww . happy for you !

AUDREY said...

@jess: thanks for commenting my blog miss lady! :)

Ginger said...

aw shit son. *cabbage patches* yew got a crush. okay all jokes aside. seriously, give the shorty thinkin' a rest. thats what they want us to do boo boo, is sit around and cry over them. you have to be the best looking one and not cry. stand up, pull up ya skinny jeans, throw on ya nikes, and get with someone real. and you are starting that. so enjoy it babe. don't over think it. let the wind blow & see where it blows ya heart. you may even find love. but if you don't, pick ya head up & wipe the tears, and go on to the next. remember, there are TONS of people out there who just want to be happy too. patience is a virtue. me loves you. xoxo. :)

AUDREY said...

@ginger: i love you, gingerella. the things you tell me really help me! idk if it's cuz i really value our friendship. whatever, the case- i always take your advice to heart.

Ginger said...


you just love me, guh.

AUDREY said...

@ginger: lol at you stalking my blog to reply to my comment that replied to your comment.

.domo. said...

yeah i gotta agree with ginger. you cant sit there being hurt over her,she isnt so sure of wtf she wants right now;and you got a dude who is doing his thing,graduated when most people his age is just starting?!?!. id most def vote for you to go with him. he seems like he got a good head on his shoulders

Maddie Madd said...

Go head chica!!!! Be happy! I love it!

AUDREY said...

@dsade& maddie: i think you ladies are right. :)