So, I've just been on youtube all night, and I feel like I should just share some of the videos with you- and my thoughts about each. So, enjoy..or not.

1. Keri Hilson on Beyonce/Ciara diss.

Keri WHY! Don't act modest. We know who the song was about, and that's FINE. You shit on both of em, in all actuality. I just wish Keri would fareal be like "yeah, that shit was about those bitches. and what!". Wouldn't that shit be real nice? Yeah, it would.

2. Keri Hilson & Lil Wayne.

This was funny to me when I saw it at the concert. Only difference is that, he slapped her ass WAY harder than that here at the concert in Omaha. 0.o

3. Amber Rose

She's cool as shit. I have one question...What is her damn race?!

4. Stop Hatin on Hoes.

HE got is all figured out. "Atleast the bitch got the product so she sellin it". LMFAO. WOW.

5. Nike Dunk Collection

Shits ill. That's all.

6. Nike Dunks Song

He loves his dunks. Amen to that.


secret love notes said...

wow, i've never heard of that amber rose chick but she sounds cool as fuck. :o