So, I'm officially addicted to Twitter. I think it's not as fun if you are trying to converse on a bunch of other community sites as well, and it's definately not fun when you don't have many followers. Actually, it's just not fun when your followers don't talk to you. You have to be an active member of Twitter for it to be fun. SO, for all of those who don't understand- that's the problem. Once you have that "circle", kinda like the one that's been established on Myspace, things will be more addictive for you. TRUST! Moving along....

Have you ever had a situation where your friend liked you? Like...how does that work. What if you love this friend? Naturally, it's already a "love" there, but it's not the same thing as if you were in a relationship loving someone. I can see how it would work either way, like it being good that you are friends first, and then it being good if you aren't friends first. The real question is how do you know if you like that person in a partner kind of relationship? How can you make sure as to not get the friendly feelings deterred from the actual relationship feelings? It's a hard game to play, and it depends on the people to an extent.

I'm kind of in a situation, and I don't know how to take it. Not only is the person my friend, but I also have other insecurities with the person's actual personality. Maybe it's just because I'm not sure of it, or maybe it's just the fact that it came about so quickly. Either way, that particular situation is all that's been on my mind the past few days. I can't seem to shake it at all.

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secret love notes said...

do you like this friend back, or no? xD

AUDREY said...

kinda =/

but this friend is a SHE.