I had my interview today.

First off, I was very excited about it all, and then my plans came crashing through.

I woke up on time, sleepy that is, but on time. My cousin was supposed to take me to my interview which was at 10:40. He didn't pull through, and I ended up having my mom take me. Now, if any of you know my mom, then you would know she sucks with directions. Tell me why the first time in EVER, she doesn't remember how to get to the damn Westroads Mall =|

I was late for my interview.
I don't even feel like typing all of the shit that happened there, but I do feel like I might not get the job. The biggest issue is facial piercings. The manager of Champs pretty much said there's no facial piercings and you can't even use the retainers/spacers to fill them, tongue rings aren't acceptable either.

Yeah, I don't know how I feel about all of that, but whatever. I do know that starting off at ^ bucks an hour, plus commission isn't cute at all.

Anyways, tomorrow I am filling out all my graduation invitations. Maybe I can get them mailed, I'm not planning on it, though. I hope it turns out okay, in the end.

If you are reading this and haven't given me your address for an invitation, please let me know your address. That is, IF you would like an invitation.

I'm also going to apply for some jobs tomorrow online.

And make an appointment to fill out my FASFA forms for college.

I haven't been eager to go to college in the fall, but today when I talked to my representative- it helped. BIG TIME.