I think this girl is on the beautiful side & she had a great voice. I do feel like she's switched up a lot since she got found on Youtube. Whatever, though. She's great, to me.

her album should be coming soon. She's the one that's singing the song on my blog with Justin Timberlake.

ANNNNNNNNNNNNND here's her new single.
I love her style.


Anonymous said...

thats how it always is, hopefully she goes far with music. they always seem so original before they are discovered. i never understood that.

Keike Nicole said...

i followed you sweetie.

Ginger said...

that song is pretty hot though. might have to dl her album when it drops. LOL

Shantae said...

Yeah I was diggin' her way more before she got discovered. Now she just fuckin' annoys the shit out of me. I dunno why though. Her voice is still bangin tho.

AUDREY said...

Charlei: People are dummmbbbb. that's all that is.

Kee: thanks girly! I been following you.

Ging: I love that song & her style. But she;s changed so much. UGH >.<

Tae: Right! She used to be so humble 7 shit. How she just acts like she's so hood & urban. I don't like it.