If you know me, like...really really know me. You know that Chris is my absolute favorite. he's been my favorite since the first day I saw his "Run It" vid on TV. I been a die hard fan for a while now, and the whole Rihanna situation didn't stop my fan flow.

When the whole situation with Rihanna went down everybody was asking my opinion on it because they know much I dig him. IF you care to read about, even though it's old news, check it out via Myspace. (http://myspace.com/feedmekicks) or the link on the left.

Anyways, that situation didn't change how much I dig the hunk, himself. Sooooooooo. I am ECSTATIC to know that he jusst released some info via THIS justin.tv video:

He's got a new single, new album, and he looks better than ever. Can't stop, won't stop. WOMP!

Here's the full video, if you wanna see the boys bowling and shit like that.

Anyways, I'm excited to hear his new stuff. I been missin him. So, cheaaaaa. ♥


Shantae said...

Is that bow wow? He's a fuckin' fag yo.

But yeah, Chris is still damn sexy. I swear my boyfriend looks just like him! Just a little older, more muscular and less physically abusive. JOKES!! lol I'm kidding. But nah I'm glad he's going forward full force with his career despite all the drama. I think he'll be okay.

Ginger said...

^ Tell that girl I want to see her boyfriend. LOL. Anyways, I'm excited too. Despite what he's done. He's still a very talented artist. So, make sure you get me a copy of this cd when it drops too. LOL

AUDREY said...

Shantae- Cisco does kinda look like him, but since he't wifed down with you...I'll just settle for CBreezy :)

Gingerella: I love him like...forever. And I will make sure that limewire spits up 2 copies :) i mean...Sike. Who uses limewire, anymore? not i.