Why do I do dumb shit!
Dude....Nick called me again tonight.
Now, the only thing with Nick is that he acts like he doesn't give a fuck about shit, but he really does. Another thing about Nick is that his mom died when he was mad young.

So, like 3 minutes into the conversation Nick was like:
"So, what did you do today?"

And so I go:
"Your Mom."

RIGHT AFTER IT CAME OUT I coulda died, yo. Like...I just slapped my forehead in dismay because WTF else could I do? I really didn't mean for it to come out. I really don't even say "your mom" like that. WTF was I thinking?! He hung up like instantaneous. It sucks. He ran out of text, so I can't text him and I know that I should just give him time to chill.

I do feel bad though, because that's the THIRD time i've done that to him. It's not even intentional, though. Like...I could see if it was on some serious shit, but it never has been. I just feel bad because he calls me like all the time and talks for like hours, and I just do that shit.


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Anonymous said...

damnn thts fckd up

Ginger said...

Oh, that's what you meant last night. >.< Geez dude. Well, don't feel too bad. It just slipped your mind. Apologize to him & I'm sure he'll understand that it wasn't your intentions to make him upset.

JaG said...

i guess im feeling res synical right now but i just laughed cause i can hear you saying it hear the slap on the forehead and then see your face looking like damn did i just say that even though i say it all the time.. lmaorof... i guess i see it differently... clearly you were wrong but the animation i have in my head is hil x 10

secret love notes said...

don't let it get to you too much, after all it was an accident.
i've done that before :|