I just really feel like your sexual orientation isn't my business, and mine isn't yours.

"you need some good dick in your life. that will change"

I had an incident with this earlier, and yeah it's my blog, but I DON'T feel that it's necessary to make this in reference to myself. I really just want the situation as a whole to be out.

Anyways, I really feel like theres too many people that hate on another sexual orientation. For what? If you aint engaging in sexual intercourse/sexual activities then why do YOU care? What part of you thinks it's okay to tell someone something about THEIR sexuality? Like...WTF.

I feel like people are scared of the unknown and aren't comfortable with change/something other than what they are used to.

Anyways, why do people do it? Obviously if I'm bisexual, that means I like girls, and I CHOSE to be this way. So, why would telling me about this above statement, be legitimate? It's not. Obviously if I say that I'm some type of sexual orientation, it's because....that's the way I want things.

I could go on and on about this shit, but I'm tired.

I just think you should worry about your damn self.


secret love notes said...

I think you're absolutely right. (:
Idk dude, people are dumb.

.domo. said...

i have to agree. i get mad wen guys tell me the whole good dick thing in your life. idk i just hate when people try and tell you what your sexual orientation should be.

Anonymous said...

one of my favorite posts.

Ginger said...

i absolutely despise people that try to change who you are. whether it be your sexual orientation or anything else. but this post is like the best i've seen yet because you spoke so real with it. *high fives you* :D

Shantae said...

People are too conflicted with their own lives to NOT worry about what someone else is doing. The more they focus on the supposed "faults" of your being, the more they avoid their own. I've learned to just let the trash talk flow through one ear and out of the other. The only people's opinions about me that I actually consider are those who truly know me and understand what I'm about. Yamsayin?

Anyway, if you can bag both chicks and dicks then hey! More power to ya =]