Okay, now if you guys have been following me for a minute now, you would know that I kind of lost a lot of interest in Beyonce. Her last album, was pretty good. It defiantly wasn't her best, and I feel like she kinda just "slid by" with a lot of the tracks on there. Whatever tickles her pickle though.

Back when the Diva video came out, I posted a post called "Are all single ladies divas?" because both the Single Ladies and the Diva video had the same aura of each other. So NOOOWWWWW she comes out with Ego.

Uhm...Beyonce. WTF, dude! Why are all the videos looking like the same thing. Lookin like the same dance routine, same dancers, and same fuckin outfits. Like...you are supposed to be that IT chick. So why can't we see no IT creativity comin out of you? You'd think because of all this hype of Keri Hilson callin her out, and Ciara supposedly doing the same things as her that she would come out with a BANG & try to do something different.

So....idk. Maybe it's just a little hateration comin outta me since I aint really feelin her much anymore, but I'm pretty sure that the videos keep resembling each other. =/


Melanie! said...

OMG i was gonna post somethin like this too but i completely agree!!! no creativity whatsover! it seems to me like she's missing Destiny's Child. she might as well call Michelle and Kelly and have them dance behind her!

K. Michel said...

She's comfortable with the level of success she has. When that happens, you no longer feel the need to strive higher in terms of creativity... because you know that your fans are going to buy your albums, regardless.

But, it's whatever. Beyonce's too full of herself for my taste, love.

Gallardo Bastardo said...

I agree with K. Michel. Complacency kills careers, Look at 50 Cent.

Shantae said...

She's wack. Case closed!