Today I woke up at a decent time. That's a first for me. I got quite a bit accomplished. Wrote a few letters, had a nice long ass phone conversation with a friend, put some clothes away, got some exercise with my little brother, played Dr. Phil, tried a new Gatorade, took a nap, worked on photoshop stuff, cried for like 20 minutes over something my brother said to me, worked on college stuff, and got dumped. All in a days work. Some of the stuff didn't amuse me, and I am a little upset, but like the title says- everything happens for a reason, right?

So, starting with the simple things. The Gatorade was pretty good. It's like Melon or some shit. Whatever. It wasn't all that great playing Dr. Phil, but it's my cousin and she needed some guidance. I aint trippin about any of that. the nap was superb! I didn't want to sleep for two hours, and I believe I had an attitude with like 3 people that called and woke me up, I do apologize. Photoshop was fun today. Didn't really get anything too serious in, but you know how much I love me some photoshop.

Now, I dunno what it is with some people, but why do the people you are closest to feel like they can say really mean things to make you mad? I know that the whole point of saying mean stuff is to get someone mad/sad/upset/depressed, but it's not okay to say that. If any of you have followed my blog for over two months, you would know that I lost my job a little while back. I have been struggling trying to find somethin new. Mothers Day, which just passed, I felt extremely bad that I couldn't get my mom something materialistic. Who wouldn't be upset by that? I was, and still AM! Anyways, I always make it a habit to write her a lengthy letter telling her how much i appreciate her and love her and blahzay blah. You get it. So, out of nowhere today, my kid brother said some hurtful shit. Him: "That's why you didn't get Mom a present for Mother's Day". =| that shit really hurt my feelngs. Not only because my mom means a whole lot to me, but because HE means a whole lot to me. When people say mean stuff, it hurts. When people you CARE about say mean stuff, it hurts WORSE. (Sidenote for some of you. 87% of you would've typed the word WORST in the position, that is NOT correct. It's annoying. Fix your grammar.) So, I cried over that. I have no idea if it has anything to do with me being a chick, the fact that I am PMS'ing, or if it was because I got woken up from my nap the wrong way, but yeah...I cried. He apologized. I still cried. Blah blah. I'm over it now, but that shit really did hurt.

Moving along...Bear and I are over. Yeah, lasted a whole lotta time, didn't it? Smh. Anyways, yeah I'm mad about it because I was enjoying his company, but there is a lot of things that I wasn't okay with. He deleted me from his Twitter, both Myspace's, and left a mean ass comment on my Myspace. Blah blah. I hope he feels better about it. I don't wanna drag things out. I just hope he;s happy with the decision. You guys look out for him, he's bouta be producing some HITS. Good luck with all of that.

Moving on...i had an overall good day. Seriously, I enjoyed this day. It was productive.


Ginger said...

and that's all that should matter is that you accomplished things & you actually woke up to breathe another breath. shitty things happen to everyone but you just gotta learn to let them roll off your back ya know? you already know how i feel about those situations though. xoxo

AUDREY said...

i do love you.
you're like my fuck partner & best frand.

triceee . said...

I'm glad you had a good day and were able to get things done as far as the situation with you and your brother I wouldn't pay that any mind yeah it hurt but that's how they are cause believe me my little sister has said some mean shit like that and I get upset but deep down inside I love my mom and I know she feels the same about me as I'm sure the same goes with you and your mom, with the bear situation all I have to say is niggas come and go you can always replace them don't sweat that dude.

secret love notes said...

uhm, i still cannot believe that comment he left on your page.
you are far too good for him m'dear :D
i love you!

Gallardo Bastardo said...

Maaaaaan, fuck that guy. Life gets better when you let go of waste.

"Falling down is not defeat. Not getting up is." - Courage Wolf

♥ Judy M. ; said...

Men are a dime a dozen, its better to have ended now than later, especially if hes dumb enough to leave a comment on ur myspace.

itll be okay hun. =) Just let the bad things past you.