I know that I was kinda floored by this a while back, but today I was on Shantae's blog (theclicheblogger.blogspot.com) and I heard her song playlist. It was good ol' Jesse McCartney. I had never heard the song that she had on there, but I didn't really think much of it. It sounded like a good song. Later on, I went to go download a track with both Jesse McCartney and T-Pain. That's when I really realized it, that Jesse really went R&B. Does anybody know who produces his music now? I love it. I wish his last album would have been pushed more because I think his fan base would've changed up a little bit.

I am glad he went on to something other than pop, even though I still dug his music back in the day. Whatever, though. I like his new look as well. he reminds me of Justin Timberlake. Well, I don't think so much of it as him reminding me of Justin, but moreso as his sitution reminding me of Justin. Anyways, I just thought I would point that out, since i have been on a blogging drought.

Anyways, I really like this song by him. I had it downloaded, and I was just gonna post the song, but changed my mind because I love his look in this vid. Go Jesse!


Jillian said...

thanks luv! :)

and I LOVE THE NAME hahaha...my favorite song by ms keri hilson!!!

2 entries for you!! :)

also, I still can't seem to get into Jesse M getting all R&B like...it just doesn't look right hahahaha....

Anonymous said...

i love the name jesse.
i don't know why.
nice ass blog.

Anonymous said...

download jesse's 'into ya'
i was SHOCKED when i heard it the first time, but i love it!

Gallardo Bastardo said...

Wow, Jesse McCartney though? That's a long ti- I mean, wow.

Shantae said...

It's over is my shit. My hands down fav song off his album. Keri & the clutch wrote that joint for him ..it's pure fire.

But yeah, I wasn't much into his pop stuff. This last album with the little urban swag def went into my rotation of fav albums. Plus, yanno, he's a sexy little white boy.

Ariele said...

omgaa they play some of his new songs at my work and we seriously spent weeks tryna find out who it was and i was surprised as hell to find that it was Jesse. even tho i loooooved his first to albums his new sound is cool for him!!

"Makeup" and "Freaky" are cool dance songs [=


I Like the R&B Jesse.

Eighty4 said...

i love him!!!!
i think i might finally buy one of his cd's