So, I haven't posted in a WHILE. That really sucks. i actually LOVE blogging, it's just that I run out of interesting topics to type about. I also don't want to bite from someone elses blog topics, so I just been kinda chill on the blogging scene.

Anyways, I've had a rough past few days. I'll just to the little +/- thing again...

+) I graduated from high school on May 16th, 2009.
+) I had my graduation party the same day.
-/+) I had a good amount of people that showed up, but not some of the ones that said they were going to.
-) I couldn't go to Rachel's party.
+) My mom is tkaing me to get her something tomorrow, hopefully.
+) had a girls night out.
+/-) Spent time with my best friend.
+) Planning room redecorating
-) IDK if my color scheme will interfere with the new colors i want. =/
+) I need a good book to read.
-) FUCK! Now that I think about it, I still aint finished Twilight.

Um....I can't think anymore.

I will be posting pics. Promise. :)

Later, when I get all the pics on my laptop.

xoxo, audreyyyyy


secret love notes said...

Stop feeling bad dude. (: It's really okay that you didn't come, I understand. We can just hang out sometime.
And room redecorating sounds really fun! You gotta tell me about how you're gonna do it. :]
I love you!

Ginger said...

my boo graduated! :)

Ariele said...

congrats on graduating. im sure with this "new chapter" (LOL) in ur life u'll have hella shit to write about.

book recommendation: Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk or anything by this guy. his writing is crazy, literally [=

Melly Couture said...

where did you get your layout from chica?!!?!! lol!

Gallardo Bastardo said...

You're reading Twilight? Ssssssssss. . . oooooooh. . . ssssssssss. . . aaahhhhhhhhh. . . sssssssss. . . mmmmmmmmmmm. . . Twilight, though?