This post will be MAD long, please refrain from leaving the page before you read the entire thing. Thanks.

The past few days have been VERY eventful. I'll just do the whole -/+ thing.

May 4th, 2009.

I aint gonna lie, I can't even remember what I did that day, but I will just bunch anything in here that I've forgotten for the other days. :)

-/+) I cleaned a shit ton of my room up.

+) I might have a job in two weeks, at this hotel.

-) My best friend hasn't even been talking to me. I want to get her out of my life, but I just aint ready for the drama. Here we go with that whole scene again....I really wish she would just learn to act like a good friend.

Um...I can't really think of anything else. I pretty much ahve just been stressing about graduation and my party.

May 5, 2009.
-) I woke up mad late.

-) I had to go to independent studies. I found out that I might not graduate because the bitch from my school didn't send my mandatory test scores! WTF.

-) I found out that May 6, 2009 is the deadline for seniors!

+) I delivered all of my invitations via car and mail.

+) Cassie and my mom got my graduation cake ordered! WOMP!

-) Bear fell asleep on me, which pissed me off so fucking bad.

-/+) I went to sleep at 11, which is like 5 hours earlier than normal!

-) I realized that I haven't sent a letter to any of my penpals in like 2 weeks. I need to reply so I can actually get letters.

-) I haven't read any of my Twillight book in like....over 2 months. WTF.

-) I finished Bear's background for one of his projects.

+) I TOTALLY forgot to mention my friend Rachel and I's lunch. That was honestly the highlight of my day, I really dunno who I forgot. I feel really bad.

May 6, 2009.
-) I thought I was going to have to spend four hours doing tests that I had already dont to graduate. It was the deadline, and I was nervous.

+) I found out that I didn't have do redo all those texts because my mom FINALLY got things worked out with school & independent studies.

-) I really hate the way the word "dike/dyke" was bein thrown around today.

+) I went to lunch with Sumner. It was the first time that I had actually hung out with her outside of school without a bunch of people around. It was fun. We went and got ice cream and ate at this cute little restaurant.

-)I was really sleepy today & I really thought I was going to have to take a nap, but I been trying to get my sleep schedule back on track.

+) I feel like one of my online friends and myself don't talk as much. I think that it's just because things have been going on, but maybe it was because I thought that person was lowkey talking about me in her blog. =/ Whatever, though.

+) I walked around the neighborhood with my kid brother, who is absolutely amazing BTW.

+) A ton of people texted me telling me that they received my invitation to my graduation party. I hope they all make it to my party. :)

-/+) I realized that this is like the busiest month of my entire life.

+) Kelsey came over for like 2 hours.

+) We grilled out! That chicken was BOMB!

+) Maggie came over. We spent the majority of our time talking about people. Maggie and me are funny when we are together. Our jokes are 200 timesbetter when we are a team. :D

So, I need to start planning out my time now. This whole month is full of things I need to do. I am hoping to get a good turn out from my graduation party because I need a car. I also am hoping that I can hang out with my friends a LOT more. Things are going to be....crazy from now on. I don't really know where life will go from here. I know that I need to get my FASFA stuff ready for college. In the fall, I will be going! Can't stop, won't stop. Education is a MUST.


secret love notes said...

Uh you coulda fuckin' mentioned me bitch :D Ahahaha i'm not mad actually, gosh that sounded kinda rude.
Yeah this month is crazy, my job keeps scheduling me at times that I'm busy, jeez!
I love you <3

secret love notes said...

Shh dont feel bad :P

Ginger said...

i'm so proud of you my little snowbunny. you're gonna be a superrrrr grown up soon! FTW GRADUATING! :) ily <3 remember that. :*