I am really REALLY puzzled on why the whole "love" word is thrown around like it isn't anything important. I am stumped when it comes to little kids (pre-teen/teenagers) saying they love each other, they will be together forever, blahzay blah. I COMPLETELY understand CARING for another human being. I COMPLETELLY understand feeling love for someone. Being IN LOVE and HAVING love for someone is a little different. I have an issue with people who claim they are in love, not even weeks into a new relationship. I know I may need to just shut the fuck up and stay out of people's business, but it irks the FUCK out of me.

I have a friend, who I used to "talk" to, now I understand this individual has a whole lot of issues that are going on in her life, and so do other people, BUT this person jumps from person to person looking in all the wrong places for love. As soon as my friend finds somebody who can say nice things, and make feel good emotions come out, my friend is all "in love". Are you serious?

I do believe in soul mates, and I do believe in connecting with people in a manner that makes you feel so good and ect. I don't however think that within a month's time frame you can be IN LOVE with someone. There's no possible way. You might love them, or care for them a whole lot, but you aren't IN LOVE with them. It doesn't make any sense. Maybe it's just me.

Maybe the above example is just me being bitter because I had/have feelings for that person, but what can I do. I feel like the above person is making wrong choices by looking for love with whomever she can find it in. I think this person is using sexual feelings that people feel towards her as care and complete utter affection. Whatever the case may be, I think it's insane.

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♥ Judy M. ; said...

Yeah I completely agree. I see little 12 yr olds telling each other they love them. Like, "what?"

My roomie is the same way. Since we've been here, [she moved in in November], I've seen her in a "committed" relationship with about 4 guys. And she seems to fall harder each time. How is that possible?

Adrian and I started talkin in November. I love him to death, but as far as inlove? Nah. I think it IS the distance that's stopping us though..

And Ernest. I've been dating him since January. I love him, yes, but am I inlove? Just like I told my mom yesterday, no. I'm not. Maybe its just me being bitter bc I've been hurt b4. But damn. I let him in my life didn't I? Lol.

AUDREY said...


Your roomie sounds like she just really likes the people she's "committed" to, or she just really needs attention =/

Who knows, I'm not here to pass judgment on any other people, I just think the shit is insane!

♥ Judy M. ; said...

Idk. She asks for advice alllll the time and when I try to tell her to slow down, she gets defensive. I hate people who wont listen so I dont even bother anymore. It usually leads to us arguing so usually I'm just like, forget it.

AUDREY said...

i HATE that.
it makes shit so intense.
like why are you asking me when you know you aint gonna listen?!

.domo. said...

love has lost its value,its tossed aorund so lightly it starting to not really mean anything anymore.

"ju.ju bean" i think your roommate is more in love with being in love than in love itself.

Anonymous said...

i completely agree.
'in-love' is a intense word.
it kind of annoys me when my friends are like ily.4.lyfe. and all that shit.

but yeah, to answer your comment, i don't have a serial yet.

AUDREY said...

@dsade: i agree! and i think you are right about juju's friend. lol.

AUDREY said...

@ kid brother: i will get you a serisl, don't worry!

and yeah, it's different with your friends, tho. well kinda, they talk about like friends and stuff. but like with boyfriends/girlfriends...ugh.