I decided that the topic I was going to discuss should/could wait until after today. I was going to verbally bash men, but being that it is Father's Day...

I could really care less about this holiday...one, because I'm not a father, and two, because my dad doesn't act like much of his title. I don't feel the need to bash him, because that is my dad & I never lost respect for him as a person, but I don't go out of my way neither.

Anyways, I hope that all the fathers out there have a wonderful day. I hope the people that have lost a father are in good spirits. I hope that kids who do have a relationship with their father do something for him, and I hope that all the single mothers know that this is their day as well.

Anyways, that's all I wanted to say.
Have a good day.
I should be back to blog again later...


Hi Haterrr. said...

as much as i want to agree, i recently found it within myself to forgive my father for all he's put me through. for all the times he wasn't there when i needed him the most. it hurt as a child, and now that i'm an adult it hurts even more. but overall, he's my dad, and in the end no one else could ever be that. As you excel in life, you will find the strength to give your father another chance. I don't know your case, but I'm sure he deserves it. <3 I love you Audrey!

Anonymous said...

nice layout mama :]
ohh bashin men lol lets here it

Anonymous said...


Shantae said...

I hate when ppl tell you how YOU'LL feel about YOUR own situation in the future but whatever.

I think this post is dead on Audrey. I haven't really talked to ir breasts er uh.. I mean you in the last cuople of days. I don't like that!

secret love notes said...

ok, audrey.
you are getting so good at photoshop!
i can really see your improvement!
this layout is fuckin amazing. i love it. i keep checkin your page just to look at it lol.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your lyt love!<3