First of all lemme say this: FUCK YOU JORDAN CHANDLER.

So, if you don't know- Jordan Chandler, who claimed that Michael Jackson touched him, came outta the woodwork & said that it was all a lie.


I dunno how legit that actual website is, but I do know that I Googled it & there was more than one source saying it the same things, so....Believe what you want.

Personally, I never thought Mike did it. I never really cared because I didn't know him personally. I knew his music. That's besides the point.

First of all, to make up lies like that about ANYONE is ridiculous. Shit like that RUINS people for the res of their lives. That fucked with Micheal's fan base, his music, his theme park, ect. Why would you say some shit like that? Matter fact, why am I asking why like I don't fucking know. 22 million sounds like a good enough reason to lie, huh?

That dumb ass kid LIED because he claimed his dad told him to. He LIED about all of it. He lied about MJ touching him, he lied about kissing, oral sex, ALL OF IT. This kid even went as far as to "describe" MJ's genitals looked & ect. That's A LOT of fucking lying. I am so mad right now, yet I am relieved because the truth has came out.

I'm angry for one because this kid WAITED to say something about it. He waited until Michael Jackson DIED to say something. This tells me that this kid wants MORE limelight. This tells me that this kid cannot get enough of the fame that this scandal has brought him.

It's a damn shame. Fuck that kid. Fuck his family, fuck everything he stands for, and I hope he did something worth talking about with that money he got from MJ. Fuck anybody that would lie about something like that.

Rest in peace, MJ. Fareal.


NicoCruzz said...

People are ridiculous.
They fail to realize that without him many of your stars today wouldn't be shit without his legit accomplishments.
Everyone has their own problems, everyone makes mistakes and ignorant people will always pass judgements.
Only the people involved know the truth and that's something people will never understand.

Anonymous said...

SERIOUSLY, DUDE. I didn't even know about that Jordan kid coming out & saying it until I read it on here! that is such a shame.

but it proves how cowardice that family is, to wait until MJ kicks the bucket to tell the truth.

Lex. said...

shit is ridiculous & this jordan chandler kid is gonna have to live the rest of his life as the kid who ruined the life of "The King of Pop."

SMFH. skeez!

Gia said...

well, he was YOUNG, and his dad told him to lie, so yea he gets a pass for that
but once he reached that age where he learned the difference between right and wrong, and the magnitude and impact of the lie, he should've opened his f*#&^! mouth!
ugh im so pisssseddd
for years, MJ was the butt of soo many jokes,spoofs etc and didn't deserve it.

he's going to be the most hated person in the US. i heard 7 MJ fans committed suicide yesterday..

R. Alexandra said...

that's crazy .
people & their desires for money, i tell ya' .

Melly Couture said...

wowww thats fucking beast yoooo!! smh. people are really sick you know.