Honestly, why do dudes always gotta do retarded shit to NOT make you want to associate yourself with them? It's so fucking annoying that all you can do is think with your dick/sexual thoughts.

This dude hit me up yesterday outta nowhere. I don't even know who the hell he is & all of a sudden he wants me to do dumb shit on cam. WTF. Can you at least wait until I've known you an hour to ask dumb shit? Seriously. It's super fucking dumb tat you can't even hold a regular ass conversation with a member of the opposite sex. That shit doesn't even turn me on the least bit.

Another thing. Don't get all excited when I say I'm bisexual. It's not for male purposes. It's not to make you think I'm a "freak" or that I'm into a bunch of kinky shit. My sexual habits/preferences are my business & if I don't share them with you on my own time, then I don't want you to know. Get it? Great.


JaG said...

Well in my humble opinion your totally right about some guys in the first part... but being bisexual is exciting for most all guys cause it maybe an opportunity for a threesome and that's 90% of guys.. so take it easy on the young ones .. lol