I feel like there's nothing else in the world to do, but blog.

I been thinking heavy about massive amounts of shit lately.

I really need a job. I have FOUR dollars to my name.

I paid all my shit for the month, but...

What about next month? What if something comes up? My mom is struggling. What the fuck am I supposed to do?

I start school in August. I'm most likely not gonna want to work then because I'll be busy & prolly get some financial aid.

So, why am I even looking for a job? I aint havin good luck with it at all. What's gonna happen if I finally get one & then school starts? I dunno anymore.

Anyways, I cleaned my fucking ass off today. Like under everything. It was...unnecessary. Lol.

AND, I started talking to a kick ass dude, who should have been friends with me a long time ago. Mr Heartbreak is a cool ass person.

And Daniel is too high...chatting with me on AIM. He's dumb cool, though. We've been talking everyday for like a fucking month! Wowzers.

This post..is just plain throw up through my fingers. Sorry.


P. White said...

I totally feel u I have two months left before I go back to school and I just started a job LAST WEEK it took me a month & a half to find a PART TIME JOB it sucks so bad

Anonymous said...

your new header is THAT FIRE!
the way you make me feeeeeeeeeeeel.
are you gonna blog about MJ?

NicoCruzz said...

Times is rough but hey through the rainy days it'll be clear eventually.

The economy is a piece of shit *smh...

Damn presidents who make America look like shit from time to time lol.