Who really would have thought that I would be this excited to go to school? Who woulda thought that I would be making Computer graphic design my major, seriously? I sure as fuck didn't. I never would have really thought it would all go down like this.

Today I went and picked my classes for the first semester, which starts August 31st. Oral communications, Intro to Humanities, and Intro to drawing. Yeah..they fuckin FLUNG that drawing shit in there on me. Why? Because it goes along with the requirements for Computer Graphic Design. Jesus!

Anyways. I been doing alot of random photoshopping. Nothing too serious though. Just to get back in the hang of things. Photoshopping had started to feel like work and a job to me, but it's not. I love the shit and it makes me happy, even if I aint the greatest at the shit. Here's some stuff I've done recently.

My template cuts off my pics, so you gonna have to click the links, son.


Keri Hilson 1.

Keri Hilson 2

Anyways, I think there's been a drought in good blog reads.
Someone fix that! =|


Anonymous said...

oh, they look really great! preferably, the cassie one is mint dude.

& the only reason there's a drought in good reads is because everyone tends to write about the same shit =|

secret love notes said...

uh, you got mad photoshop skills lil lady. (:

iforgotmyname said...

Woah man you are really good at this. I have another friend that is really into photoshopping, misinterpreted mindset..she follows your blog too....i try to do that stuff just a little bit but man i can't do it like you =o have you watched tutorials and stuff? Or did you just fool around with everything? its really hard man, but hey, some people got it and some people dont =o

iforgotmyname said...

oh and sorry about the drought, i think i might have contributed to that >.>
been a bit busy lately but i'm getting back on it

Anonymous said...

dude, i love the photoshops.
especially the cassie.

T. Miles said...

this brings back memories of the days where me and photoshop/paintshop couldnt be seperated! i used to specialize in those internet flyers/invites you might see on myspace
might have to hit that back up...

R. Alexandra said...

what college are you attending ?

NicoCruzz said...

Good eye (=