Sometimes you have people around you constantly. When you have these people around you, you don't stop to think about what life would be like without them. This post isn't even to try and get you to think deep as in death and all of that. This post is to just get you to think about the individuals you have in your life NOW. Here, as in, text buddies, online friends, neighbors, cousins, ect. Feel me?

There's someone in my life that I talked to everyday. I didn't take the time out to think about what if I didn't have them around, or what if they didn't bother to hit me up each day. I just knew I had them there and that was fine with me. I never really thought like, "Oh...what if so and so doesn't text me tomorrow morning...", all of that shit was just irrelevant to me, but now when I don't communicate with them on a daily basis...it sucks. That's the only way I can honestly describe it.


Unknown said...

i definitely feel u on that. i just hit one of my online friends up yesterday, just to let her know i was alive.and she told me she thought i was dead. i used to depend on her so much, just as an outlet & now i don't confide in her as much. i felt terrible. & now i see how important people i meet are to me. espec ones that are online or whatever. the people i communicate with almost everyday

Anonymous said...

people always leave me :(. but i don't depend on em. sometimes it feels like a weight has been lifted., sometimes its just..unbelieveable*. but they always come back!!! thats the best part (in some way shape form or fashion)

isaiahDUB said...

damn i feel u, but shit it happens that life, u kno.... does suck like hell tho