eight.eight.ohnine. <3

So, that's Teresa. My feelings aren't new about her. She's the only girl that makes me nervous when she comes around. She's the only girl that I could stare at and never get bored. She's the girl who can make me smile like I do. I love her. I love everything about her.

That's where my mind has been lately. That's why I haven't been blogging like I said I was gonna do. I was talking to someone on Twitter and I realized that I can't just MAKE myself blog. There's so many people who read my blog, to just shove a lame post out onto them would be very wrong of me. SO, I won't feel bad for not blogging everyday. What I will do is make sure I don't go a WEEK without blogging. I'm sure that will be a task since school is gonna start for me soon. College sounds scary. For now, I just wanna spend time with Teresa until she moves.


R. Alexandra said...

where are you attending school ?

Anonymous said...

aaawww..sweet. like your blog

.domo. said...

thats very cute :D

Gia said...