Sometimes in life, we get the cookies and no milk. Most of us, instead of being thank for the delicious cookies, we ponder the thought on why we don't have the milk to go along with it. We get furious because we think it's unfair, not good enough, and quite frankly just a bunch of bullshit. So many of us forget to realize that it's a blessing to even receive the cookies. Some people don't even GET the cookies, yet we aren't satisfied with what we are blessed with. People, the cookies aren't delicious forever. Milk spoils. Some people are lactose intolerant.

What I'm saying is, life isn't always exactly what you want. Sometimes life is unfair, sometimes we feel like God, or whatever higher power you believe in, is working against us. Look at other people in life, and feel blessed for what you do get. Some people don't have as much and never will have much of anything. You just have to utilize what you DO have and be happy with it.

Life is too short. embrace the family, friends, and other people you love. Be thankful for all the material and inanimate objects that you own. Wake up, being thankful- EVERY SINGLE DAY.


iforgotmyname said...

messages, inspirational, and meaningful things... these are the main reasons i frequently return to your blog. great post and i thank you for it, much love!

secret love notes said...

this is such an inspiring, feel-good post.
i know i need to just enjoy the cookies more often. thanks audrey.<3