Have you even been in that "grey/gray" area with someone? Whether it be because of emotional issues, some things that were said, or just any of other state that could offset all the happy-go-lucky moments? How do actually go about making it to either black or white,m in the situation? Or do you even TRY to do so? Is being in they grey/gray just OKAY with you? Or is that something to worry yourself over? Or does it even matter? Maybe it just depends on the situation. Maybe it's nothing that you should worry about labeling.

Grey/gray is something that I don't like, yet I always find myself falling into the grey/gray of something. Is it just me? Or is it just the way things play out? Being in the grey makes you confused, and I don't know about anybody else, but I know that I hate the confused feeling.


iforgotmyname said...

i dont understand what "grey/gray" is :S