So, today was really a normal day.
Except for the fact that I had to drive. Now, I dunno how many people know this about me, BUT I'm scared to drive. It's not that I can't drive or that I just don't know how, there is another reason.

I won't go into the reasoning behind this because, well...I just feel like I've dedicated too many posts to that part of my life, and I just don't want to keep doing that. Anyways! I'm rambling now....

So, not only did I drive around like all FUCKING day, BUT I drove my GRANDMOTHER around. (insert a weird face here).

My grandmother just got out of the hospital not that long ago, and I want to be careful with her. So, driving her around had my nerves like...going crazy! The shit was so wild. I drove really good, though. I just was scared because she was in the car. i would feel REALLY bad if something happened while I was driving with no license, and she was in the car.

I do really need to go and get my license, though. I'm just so scared. It's just htat I am so scared of what could happen while driving because of what's happened in my past that, it's almost stressful for me to get into a car.

I don't even know how to fix this problem, really. I feel so lame most of the time because I know 16-year-olds with cars and licenses. I don't have either. Not because I couldn't have, but because I never made it a priority.


Zay The Gr3at said...

blackberry buddy!!! how are ya!!! lol

secret love notes said...

I'm sorry you're scared of driving, but driving more will be good... you'll get used to it, more comfortable.