Sometimes life throws too much your way.

Sometimes life doesn't throw enough.

Is it the fact that people are just always searching for perfection, or is it that people always need things to complain about. I've heard that as Americans, we are never satisfied. I don't too much believe that. I think it's more of a person thing. Nobody is ever REALLY satisfied. We are always just content. If we were satisfied, we wouldn't keep wanting and needing things.

You wouldn't keep saving up for that new car, paying the rent, or looking for that special someone.

I aint one to sit here and say that I never complain, because I do. i complain more than almost anything else in life....because that's just how I show that I want things to change. I want to change myself, situations, people, ect.

Why wouldn't you want things or people to continuously change? If they didn't, things would get boring.

I really don't know where all of this is coming from. It's late, Im tired, and I just was dissatisfied with my lack of blogging.


Keike Nicole said...

ello sweetie,
i so feel where you are coming from with this. i couldn't agree more! i complain alot as well as you do. you are not alone. remember that.