Honestly, what does it take for someone to be emotionally attached?

Being emotionally attached doesn't have to be sprung, jealous, in love, ect. You can be emotionally attached to someone you see everyday, someone that you learn something from, ect.

Today was the last day of my first semester in college.

I'm not saying I feel emotionally attached like I'm swooning over someone there or anything, but I come to realize that being emotional with people around you isn't a bad thing. I realized that I will miss seeing those people in that class. I will miss that old bitch who never talked to me because I had my face pierced, or that weird girl in Art class, and even Darelle. Oh my god. He was type sexy.

So, shit like that just makes me wonder. Does it make me OVER emotional? Or does it just make me a normal person?

I think it's just the normal routine. I like having a routine, that doesn't get messed up or leave you questioning whats gonna happen next. Does that mean I reply too much on other people? Or does it just mean the same as what I stated before?

I really just like normal things. I like keeping to know people. I like routines. I don't like always wondering what time I should leave the house in the morning, what road would be the quickest to take, ect. I do it the first time, and I try to do the same things the same way after that.



Chicky Love! said...

i know what you mean hunnie, especially more lately about being attached to some one, but i feel you on the routine i use to love having one, but now i'm so outa wack it drives me crazy lol.