It's funny how people only tell other people what they want them to know, and only that. Sometimes it's not even that big of a deal, but I feel like often times people just lie to be lying. Like why mention the fact that you went to the store, bought Burger King, took a piss at Walmart, and even rolled a shitty ass blunt BUT forget to mention that you stopped by some chicks house. Or that you called to chill with homegirl or called to just see what was up with her. Like...is it insecurities? Is it that you don't want to get caught up, or don't want to have to explain yourself? Like I honestly don't understand why people do it.

When it's a person close to me or that is involved with me, that shit would annoy me. Usually it's just randoms around me, and I see the shit easier because it's so obvious. I laugh at it, I just don't know why someone does it. The funny part is it's usually people who claim they aint gotta lie, or that they keep it real, and don't got shit to hide.

*shrugs* Oh wells. It's humorous to me.

Anyways, I been bumpin Big Sean heavy lately. I wish he would drop another mixtape or some shit. I dig him..hardbody. So, I updated my blog with his face. I really like the graphic to be honest. Tell me how you feel about it.


iforgotmyname said...

it's nice. man, he almost looked like fabolous for a second...

Adina Renée. said...

i need to get some big sean in my life.

Seeing Sounds said...

alota people are like that
honestly i only tell people what i want them to know about me. "dont ask dont tell"

Anonymous said...

i love your blog song.

and i love how you rant on your blogs.
its refreshing.