If you read my blogs, or pay attention to me AT ALL, you would know that my cousin was killed back in September. There's more details to the story than I can even give you here in this blog. What I do know, is that for ONE, I'm getting fed up with just having my cousin's murder case a cold one. For TWO, I'm tired of people around the neighborhood acting like they don't know any FUCKING thing that happened that night.

I'm happy to say that things are actually coming to an end. They put names out about where to find dude, and his name, and ect. I honestly, in my heart, don't think cops do their jobs as well, if not at all, like they should. I do however think, with this whole situation, things are actually coming along with the case. I just want justice. I really need closure. This type of thing really gets me emotional because it was my cousin. For one, it wasn't just my cousin, it was my FRIEND. My friends life was taken away over NOTHING. I just want to know he's at peace and the dude responsible is earning the sentence he deserves.


Chicky Love! said...

it's good they are giving out info love, no one deserves to be murdered, i hope and pray they find the person and some justice comes to your family. i know you will never be able to have your cousin back but if anything can come out of this is some peace of mind on who killed him love.

Anonymous said...

peace of mind is what you all deserve. because it was a senseless murder that shouldnt have happened. and know your cousin is looking down on you making sure ur okay. but everyone does need closure. im glad the case is moving alng well.