I am so sick of some people.

It's almost disgusting how when someone aint got shit else to do, they wanna fuck with you. It's a WHOLE NOTHER story when you want to talk to them or want them to do something. Like...that's a fucking double standard for one, and for two it just pisses me off.

I swear I hope some of these people ask me for something. I really do.

I'm ready to cut people off.

I already cut one dumb bitch off, for bein an idiot. I might start cuttin some more people.

I feel like ranting, but then again...I feel like half these people aint worth shit.


Anonymous said...

Stupid bitches always want to f.ck with you. Don't give them the satisfaction of being angry. Just give them the finger & =)

Anonymous said...

i awarded you <3 { go on my blog to accept ]