All my teenage years have been consumed with working for what AUDREY wants. Anything I wanted, I worked for. I have nice things because I WORKED for nice things. I took care of my nice things. Every sneaker, I put it work for.

I graduated early and I attend college. I'm no dummy. I will say this, for anybody who thought I had or HAVE it easy, you a damn lie.

It drives me insane when a person tries to knock another persons hustle. It pisses me off when a person has nice shit, and tries to rub it in your face. News flash, you aint rubbin shit in my face, because with the quick request at work, I can have the same shit.

The point of this post is to say that people should realize that I aint ballin outta control, but I can have the same shit as you. I work for everything I want, and I get everything I want because of that.

I had an incident with someone today. They tried to rub some shit in my face, and it did irk me, but not because they got some stuff above me. But because of the way they went OUT OF THEIR WAY to mention the shit to me and how they were doing it to "one up" me, is what made me mad.

DON'T DO THAT. If you really wanna floss the shit you got, just DO IT. Don't brag and talk about it. That makes you look deperate, unconfident, and just wack ass fuck.


Nergsta said...

i feel you on that last part. i had an incident like that the other day, n had to put ol girl in her place :)

Chicky Love! said...

tell em' hunnie!!

people get so outta pocket when they feel like there better than some one but in reality there not every one is equal in a sense of matter.