When I look at other people, I always have the thought process that someone else has one up on me, until I'm proven wrong. It's just a natural way of keepin my mind in check. Makin sure I'm never straying from being humble. Making sure that I never get judged as stuck up or thinking I'm too good for the next person.

So what happens when the time comes when you are the one with the "one up"? How do you act? You can't act like you know that's how it is because you don't want people to think you are that stuck up type. If you are supposed HUMBLE in the first place, how can you even think that you have a "one up" on the next?

To me, humble people are hard to find. Ever when someone seems to be humble, you turn around and really see their true colors. Of course everyone has an ego about themselves at one point in time, but how can you defer that? Even the most humble people become gassed and switch up.

All I'm saying is that people base life on material things and that's what fuels this fire of not being humble. You have one life to live. It amazes me how the same people who "just live their life" and "do what they want" and the same people constantly referring to haters and getting into fights with the next person.

Think about it...why waste your time? Just be humble and it works out for the best no matter what the precautions are.


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