Today, I finally got my first tat.

It says "in God I trust". It's on my foot, if you can't tell from the picture. I've been wanting a tattoo to remember all the people I've lost in my life. I finally thought of the perfect saying the other night. I didn't think I was even gonna go through with it, but I wanted it. Everyone kept tellin me foot tats were the worst, and I was lettin that shit get into my head.

I went in to make an appointment today with the tattoo place. I was gonna get it on my birthday. I went in on a whim and asked if he could fit me in. He said yeah. That was it.

For the record, it didn't hurt like everyone said. It hurt on the "G" and the "D" in the word "God", and that's it. It took like 10 minutes tops. I was chillin like a G! Lol.


Gia said...

loveesss ittttt

Adina Renée. said...

very nice.

Keike Nicole said...

this is sweet honey,

i don't think i would ever be brave enough to get a tat on my foot.

Chicky Love! said...

i'm so happy you got your tattoo.
i love it. <3
your amazing for doing that for the people you've lost.
i want to do the same, but i still have no idea with all the things i want done.