Just before I started typing this blog, I realized I don't know her first name....This might be a problem.

Anywho, I received a blog award from a very lovely blogger. There's all these things you have to do when you get the award or whatever, and I kinda am too lazy to do alla that, so I decided I would just make a post and dedicate it to the person who gave me the award. I went through some of the other blogs that she awarded and I was excited that she would put me in such a category with all these other amazing bloggers. SO, along with getting an award, I also gained some new reads to follow.

First off, I just met her. She's uber cool and her blog is one of the coolest I've ran across. I feel like a fucking idiot because I don't know her real name, but we are supposed to be twitter twins. #wheredeydodatat?

Thank you http://www.supastarrrsays.com/

Go read her blog, you guys. It's quite amazing.


Bernice said...

congrats on the blog award!

Please participate in my 1st giveaway at RealHousewivesOfFashion.blogspot.com


Supastarrr said...

lol thanks for the love! don't feel like an idiot =P