Love is a crazy emotion and sometimes people get sucked into what love should be and what it shouldn't be, never taking time to actually enjoy the feelings they get.

Music is something that can bring you to tears if you love it THAT much. Love can make you feel so many different emotions. I think if you really have a passion for music, whether you're an aspiring artist, writer, into photography, making beats, and/or just a listener. You can recognize the words and emotions that people put in music because we ALL live lives and we ALL go through fucked up, happy, exciting things in life. There's an emotion for everything and there's a song for every situation.

[EDIT]SO, the video wouldn't cooperate. I had to take it off, but i will leave you with a picture and the download link to the song. :) [/EDIT]

"One Love"

Now I know this song isn't new, BUT I love this song. It's one of those songs that I can have on replay for HOURS and the words still touch me. Anyways, enough of the sappiness....Trey Songz is one FINE piece of man.


Bernice said...

damn, he's fine since he cut his hair!

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