Recently Kelly Rowland has been resurfacing. She was seen in the 50 Cent video, for that wack song. Have a baby by me, blah fuckin blah. yall know what I'm talkin about. Now, she teamed up with Derek Blanks who is a wonderful photographer who does alter ego photos.

Click HERE to view the bigger picture of kelly.

Derek Blanks has done a lot of celebrities with this alter ego effect. He's done monica, Jennifer Hudson, Ameria, Usher, Estelle, Michelle Williams, and MANY more.

To see more of Derek Blanks' work, go to:

One of my favorite picture from Derek Blanks is the alter ego shoot he did with Que of Day26 and Dawn or Dirty Money and from previously Danity Kane.

Click HERE to see the bigger picture of Dawn and Que.

So tell me what you think. Do you like Derek Blanks work and the whole alter ego styling?


Shadé said...

I want to do an alter ego shoot, looks like fun. I'm l*ving Kelly's photos

SinfulLyo said...

these photos are GRRRRRRRRRREAT. i can't stand que though...like seriously.