So, some people may have saw this D-liste celeb, Heidi Montag, on the cover of People magazine last week talking about how she was addicted to plastic surgery.

I'm a little confused. Her new message is about finding beauty within, but yet she's getting numerous surgeries? She claims it's something about the limelight/profession that she's in, but wants to find beauty within? Wrong line of work to be in, if you ask me.

I do think that plastic surgeries are probably addicting. It's a rush of nervousness and energy before getting them just like it is with piercings, tattoos, and things like that. That adrenaline rush is what gets people hooked. I have about 15 piercings and I can fully claim that I'm addicted. I have one tattoo, and I can say that I already want more.

So, you tell me...Do you think that plastic surgery is addicting? Do you think that Heidi is doing this for a little more attention? Do you think that her message is even worth listening to? Let me know what you think.