Today was a plain day. Woke up, was bored, and then went to work. Work was cool, ect ect. Then I got home. I got a BBM from someone I didn't know. He was telling me he liked my default picture and whatnot. I said thank you and then he proceeded to tell me that "Flattery gets you everywhere", I replied "Everywhere with you, or everywhere in life?". Then I realized....flattery DOES get you everywhere.

I thought about it. That's true. Flattery is one of the reasons why people become couples, why some people manage dates, how people end up falling for games, and how people move up in companies. Lol. All of the above reasonings ARE true. Think about it. Then i looked at my life. People try to flatter me often. Or maybe it's not really flattery, it's true, but I don't believe it, so I make it out to be flattery? If that makes sense.

Anyways, just thinking about this makes me realize how people are and how people can be.


Chicky Love! said...

I've noticed that too, its crazy really. But some times a lot of it is really true, you just have to take a step back or make it seem like your in someone elses shoes to see it. I like flattery tho, and I'm rather a charme. But I've never really used it to my advantage, I just use it where its true. Like me telling you, your beautiful and I adore you. That's not flattery to me, that's honesty