Today, I woke up and was thinking about how funny people act when they NEED you, and as soon as they get what they want you never hear from them again. I struggle with things like this because I always give people the benefit of the doubt. I always think someone is being genuine and that they have good intentions. Most of the time people don't. While I was thinking about this, i decided to look at my daily horoscope. This is what it says for today:

A true friend never comes disguised as an enemy. Even under the pretense of trying to educate, or inspire, or instigate positive change. Someone you know and value as a friend may be an adversary in sheep's clothing. Be wary of what this person tells you because there could be an agenda you know nothing about. Take whatever this person offers at face value, even if you don't want to show that you are suspicious. Meanwhile, value the truly good friends you have, for you are lucky to have quite a few."

This really made sense to what I've been going through lately. You can't believe ANYONE. You can't believe hours of conversation, supposed truths, and promises. It hurts to have to think like this. You can't even find a real person in the world that actually cares.


Adina Renée. said...

love the new layout, hun.