School starts back up tomorrow. I go to a trimester college, so my breaks from school are shorter, the work is piled on more heavily, and the semesters are shorter than other colleges. I'm already in my second semester. In the middle of it actually. Most people are on break, when they return it will be their second semester.

Anyways, I know I was just sliding by in the beginning of this semester. I want to make everything better with this second part. I have to pay attention, do work outside of class, and actually study. I always put it off and I can really tell.

Math is a hard subject to grasp for me. Put anything English or writing related and I will KILL it, but give me some math problems and I'll stumble all over that shit. I just need to work a little more harder at what I'm doing. I know this.


secret love notes said...

omgsh! i am the same way.
so good at english. and then math and science just piss the eff off.
im lovin your blog and the new layout! it makes me miss making graphics and blogging. maybe ill start blogging again. ;P