Sometimes it takes you mistakes to realize good things. If you go to sleep every night thinking about one person and overlook the mishaps you've had with them, what does that mean? Does that mean you're trying to understand them better? That you're into them? That you want to build something with them?

But what if you don't think that person feels the same way? That person aint checkin their phone to see if you've called or even actin like they're interested. What if its just ME thinking that? What if I'm looking too deeply into it? I tend to do that sometimes, but I'm just tryin to look out for myself.

There's this 1 person that I know. I wish I could understand them to the full extent. This person is so interesting. The way they're mind works is crazy to me. Its so intriguing. I love the feeling I get talking to them just because even though it seems to negative, the negative energy is there because they are subsequently trying to reach positive things.

It all makes sense as why I'm attracted to this persons presence but I don't want to thrive off of someone who doesn't want to do the same. Make sense?


Unknown said...

This was dopeee !

Anonymous said...

Yes, that makes perfect sense.. somehow that describes my current situation. but, yes, dont give up.

localjerk063 said...

your situation is not uncommon at all. so like xomgitsjaix said ^^^^ don't give up. happy endings aren't always just in tv and movies.

N.I.K.E. said...

Real Shit.